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Important Dates

July 10, 2021

Full Paper Submission Deadline​ – EXTENDED

June 21, 2021

Notification of Acceptance (If initial paper was submitted by June 1)

July 22, 2021

Notification of Acceptance (If initial paper is submitted by July 10)​

August 7, 2021

Final Full Paper Submission & Author Registration Deadline​

Call for Papers

The 2021 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques is the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results and will take place jointly with the IEEE International School of Imaging virtually on August 24-26 2021.

The scope of the IEEE IST is to explore, advance, and generate new knowledge on:

  • Quantum computing and cognitive vision systems Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Computer Vision
  • Multifaceted imaging design principles, systems, and techniques, with applications in medical imaging, genomics and artificial intelligence, aimed at the exploring of novel pathophysiology and metabolic mechanisms and measure therapeutic efficacy
  • Machine learning, deep learning, and data mining solutions utilizing medical imaging to assist clinicians and healthcare providers to bring big data to personalized medicine
  • Imaging and cognitive machine vision systems, imaging informatics, image processing, cloud computing, computer vision, and mobile platforms, cybersecurity, aerospace, robotic vision systems, with applications in Industry 4, healthcare, intelligent autonomous driving and navigation, Internet of Things (IoT), Space and Resources exploration
  • Emerging imaging trends that would lead ultimately to novel systems and technologies, standards and metrology, and systems with unsurpassable image quality, scalability, and miniaturization capabilities.

The 2021 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques, is the premier conference of imaging aimed to provide a forum for prestigious specialists and scholars to share their experiences and demonstrate frontier research results in all respects of imaging technologies, systems, and techniques.

Engineers, and scientists from industry, government, academia, and healthcare who want to report novel scientific results, technological and clinical advances in the multidisciplinary areas of imaging systems, are invited to attend the IST Conference and interact with major worldwide experts.  

IST 2021 Objectives

» Quantum Cognitive Imaging & Neural Networks
» Augmented Intelligence & Computer Vision
» Image processing & pattern recognition
» Big Data & Machine Learning
» Deep Learning & Cognitive Vision
» Data Mining
» Integration of Imaging Informatics & Bioinformatics
» Neuromorphic Engineering & Vision Systems

» Machine vision, inspection and artificial intelligence
» Cognitive vision systems
» Bioinspired robotic vision systems
» 2-d, 3-d and 4-d imaging
» Light Illumination architectures
» Medical surgical robotics
» Block chain & distributed robotic vision sensing
» Human visual system-based Imaging
» Mobile Robotic Vision
» Logistics & e-commerce

» Big Data Analysis & imaging
» Immunohistochemical digital imaging
» Translational imaging & theranostics
» Molecular imaging & biology, Omics, biomarkers and metabolites
» Virtual pathology
» Pharmaco-imaging in drugs & medicine, drug characterization
» Omics instrumentation & imaging
» Multifusion Modalities

» Optical polarimetric reflectance spectroscopy
» Optical multispectral imaging
» Narrow band imaging
» Laser Acoustics
» Raman scattering & laser acoustics
» High magnification bronchovideoscopy
» Fluorescence & autofluorescence
» Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
» Surgical guidance imaging  

» Image sensors for 3D imaging
» Bio-inspired image sensor

» Image processing and pattern recognition
» Big Data Analytics
» Machine Learning
» Deep Learning
» Data Mining
» Integration of Imaging Informatics and Bioinformatics

» Image analysis
» Wavelets & fractals
» Big Data
» Deep learning
» Image registration
» Image Segmentation
» Pattern Recognition
» Feature Extraction
» Texture Analysis
» Applications of medical image processing
» Exploratory data analysis & big data
» ET, MRI, CT, SPECT, PET and microscopy
» Optical coherence tomography (OCT)  

» Internet of Things (IoT) & Imaging
» Imaging sensors & detectors
» Cameras, microscopy, spectroscopy, displays and device miniaturization
» Computer graphics & imaging
» Imaging, machine learning and GPU processors
» Tomographic Scanners: ECT, Inverse scattering and Industrial Scanners
» Image processing & pattern recognition
» Emerging imaging trends
» Web-based remote diagnosis
» Cloud Computing, Imaging and mobile Platforms
» Cybersecurity & Imaging  

» High speed
» Large format
» Ultra low power
» Ultra low noise
» Very high dynamic range
» On-chip processing for smarter sensors

» Web-based remote diagnosis
» Internet of the Things (IoT) & Imaging
» Cloud Computing, Imaging, and mobile Platforms
» Cybersecurity & Imaging
» Smart Cities & Imaging
» Aerial & Underwater Drones

» Hyperspectral image sensors or camera
» Image sensors for computational imaging
» Image sensors for automotive applications
» Image sensors used in integrated networks (internet of things)
» Image sensors for drones and autonomous vehicles
» Sensor fusion

» Cognition & Robotic Vision
» Bioinspired robotic vision systems
» Remote sensing, ladars, and lidars
» Autonomous aerial & underwater imaging systems
» Advanced space instruments & satellite imaging
» Sensors for aerospace applications
» Image processing & Actificial Intelligence
» Spectral registration
» High dimensional data reduction in spectral bands
» Nanosatellietes & Imaging

» Texture Analysis
» Image quality Assessment
» Image restoration
» Super-resolution Imaging
» Human visual system based Imaging
» Compressive sensing for imaging
» Image enhancement

 » Beyond-5G/6G Mission-Critical Applications
» Embedded imaging, mobile and communication applications
» Web-based remote diagnosis
» Exploration of Space

» Content-based retrieval in hyper/multi-spectral domain
» Summarization tools in hyper/multi-spectral domain
» Relevance feedback techniques to assist experts in taking complex decisions
» Behavioral analysis and actions recognition for complex engineering applications
» 4D/5D image reconstruction
» Semantic representation and content enrichment

» Homeland security, surveillance, inspection and monitoring
» Industrial Inspection & material characterization
» Semiconductor wafers, solar cells, nanomaterials, biomaterials and composites
» Pharmaceutical & food processing vision inspection system
» Urban planning, civil engineering monitoring & transportation
» Environmental monitoring & early detection of natural hazards
» Cultural heritage applications
» TeraHertz Imaging

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